Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nourish your mind!

Good health is always within reach!
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nu`tri`ca´tion (noun)

Webster's Dictionary describes nutrication as 'the act or manner of feeding'.  And with this blog I hope to feed your mind with nourishing information about health and wellness. Being informed is one of the first steps in being healthy.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about nutrition and wellness on the internet and on television.  What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to help address some of that misleading information and encourage healthy lifestyle habits in an easy and fun manner.

Please take a look at the topics that I have posted that address some nutrition and health related issues that I hope you find interesting and can relate to! 

Hopefully you will feel inspired to take part in the conversations and 'nutricate' your mind! 


  1. Orville,

    Thank you for sharing. Your blog is very well done!

    When I first opened your blog, I noticed a few unique things about your blog which draws the attention of your audience. The green color used in the background highlights the importance of maintaining a ‘greener’ diet. The home page of your blog starts with defining the meaning of your blog’s title, which is unusual – hence it draws and maintains the reader’s attention. Also, you put a lot of thought into the catchy titles, the types of pictures and videos you selected for each topic and referenced your readers with leading questions – almost as if you were having a conversation with them.
    The ‘clean plate club’ reminded me of my mother standing right in front of me with her two fingers telling me that I would not be allowed to go out and play with my friends if I did not finish cleaning my entire plate. The environment one lives in has a tremendous impact on ones eating behaviors in the here and now, and later in life as well (Christiansen et al, 2013), whether we think it does or not. I do believe that obesity does indeed begin at home, however the ‘clean plate club’ intentions of my parents were to force us to eat the ‘good stuff’ so when we were confronted with eating the ‘bad stuff’ with the friends, we would be ‘full’, reducing the urge to eat junk food.

    Great job on the whole blog, Orville! Thank you for engaging with me a bit more on nutrition and sharing your professional life through the work of your blog!

    Christiansen, K. M., Qureshi, F., Schaible, A., Park, S., & Gittelsohn, J. (2013). Environmental Factors That Impact the Eating Behaviors of Low-income African American Adolescents in Baltimore City. Journal of nutrition education and behavior, 45(6), 652-660.

    1. Thanks for your great feedback Ken! I am glad that you picked up on some of the subtle messages I was trying to get across with my blog! I probably tried out hundreds of different combinations of backgrounds only to resort to the original basic template and I went through so many different titles just to pick the ones I thought would be most perfect and that would grab the most attention! It is all about what will grab your audience!

      Thanks for sharing your clean plate club story! It is funny how the topics of cleaning your plate and being restricted from junk food open up so many conversations with people! Every one has their own story to tell!