Drinking Problem

To drink or not to drink...
That is the question!
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Our bodies are made up of mostly water.  Water carries out many functions and without it we would die.  So it is important that we replenish our supply to maintain good health.  We can get water in a number of ways.  For instance, many fruits and vegetables are predominantly made up of water.  In fact, almost 90-99% of fruits and vegetables are water.  So when we eat them, we not only get their nutrients but we also get water.  

We also get water from drinking fluids.  When we drink coffee, we get water.  When we drink juice, we get water.  Even when we eat soup, we get water.  And of course, when we drink water, we get water. 

Now where we get the water that we drink has been a topic of controversy for years.  Fearing that municipal water sources may be contaminated, many people swear by drinking only bottled water.  But is bottled water really our best bet or as a society?  
Many people are under the impression that bottled water is healthier than tap water.  This is an interesting conclusion because tap water is more highly regulated than bottled water.  Municipal tap water supplies are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are tested several times a day.  Only bottled water being sold across state lines is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Concerns are now being raised about the safety of bottled water, especially in regards to chemicals found in the plastic bottles and the impact they have on the environment.  Another concern is that some of the bottled water products being sold are actually from tap water sources.  

Take a look at the documentary “Tapped” which sheds some light on the bottled water industry.  After watching this film share your thoughts about drinking bottled water.  If you currently drink bottled water do you think that you will continue of have you been ‘tapped’ out?   It does make you wonder if the bottled water company Evian intentionally used the word ‘naïve’ spelled backwards to name itself…

Tapped from William on Vimeo.

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  1. I drink a lot of water, which is good. However, most of it is bottled, which may be bad. Although I recycle the plastic bottles (most of the time), I still feel like it is such a waste. I am not even certain how I fell into the cycle of drinking bottled water the way I do, but it is a difficult habit to curb. I actually prefer certain brands to others. I dislike the taste of most tap water.

    At home, my water source is a well. It goes through a reverse osmosis system before coming out the tap, or ice maker, or refrigerator water dispenser, but I still "can't" drink it. I will be considering the implications of this choice and evaluating my options for replacing the inevitable "bottle" to rid me of my drinking problem!

    1. Thanks for your comment Nealie! I have a question for you…why can’t you drink the well water? Is it the taste?

      Funny thing, growing up in Michigan I had friends that lived in the country that had well water and I remember thinking it tasted horrible. As a dietitian I actually love the taste now! Why? Because I know that it is the minerals that give it that flavor. Minerals like calcium and iron (which also makes toilets and bathtubs look rusty!) which our blood, bones and muscles need.

      Although the mineral content of the water in Palm Springs is not quite like that of the Michigan well water, our water does ‘fizz’ a bit from what it does have when it comes out of the tap. And when I first moved here from Los Angeles, that sort of freaked me out. Now, I enjoy it!

      So I suggest next time you taste your well water ‘think before you drink’! Think of all the goodness that is provided by the minerals it supplies. Maybe that will make it easier to swallow!

  2. Yes, it is the taste. I have considered placing lemon wedges in it to mask the taste. When we eat out in restaurants, I always order my water with lemon, because even restaurant water can have a funny taste. I will be adding extra lemon to the grocery list and see if that can help me make the transition!

    1. Adding lemon is a great option! Not only are you encouraging yourself to drink water by making the taste more appealing but you are adding some nutritious phytonutrients from the lemon as well! Talk about a nutrient dense thirst quencher! ;-)

  3. We have MIchigan well water, and I love it. It is cold, and tastes very fresh. Sometimes I buy the bottled water when I am traveling because it is convenient, but not a very green option. This behavior actually began because I was not wanting to drink pop (soda). I need to get better at filling a water bottle at home! I like lime in my water..... :)

    1. Lime is good but I am with you Stacey! I love cool fresh well water!